Brexit: Scotland stays?

On June 23rd, 51.9% of voters in the UK voted to leave the EU. In Scotland, 62% voted to remain. The result has sparked political, economic, social and constitutional turmoil in the UK. In Scotland, there has been a strong political and public reaction both against the result and the tone of the campaign. And now, the question of Scottish independence has again been raised.

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Edinburgh. Brexit + 5 days. On June 29th, a demo was organised outside the Scottish Parliament in support of Scotland staying within the EU. Using images taken at the demo, this fieldnote explores how demonstrators used pro-EU and anti-Leave rhetoric to connect to wider issues of freedom of movement, xenophobia, racism, austerity and sovereignty.

Edinburgh. Brexit + 5 days

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The¬†multimedia story was first published via “Atavist”.


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