Call for Participation: international exhibition “Approaches of Happiness”

The organizers of the international exhibition ‘Approaches of Happiness’ are currently looking for people who want to participate in the production of a booklet and an on-going research / contemporary arts project on ‘happiness’.

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Since 2012, the Credo Bonum Foundation annually gathers leading international speakers, scientists, book authors and creative thinkers to contribute a range of perspectives on issues of happiness, positive thinking and psychology. These so-called “Days of Happiness” combine a series of seminars, talks, contemporary art projects and documentary film screenings. In 2013, together with the “Culture in Dialogue” programme of “MitOst” and the Art Today Association/ Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv (CCA), their first exhibition “Approaches to Happiness” was displayed.

Xavier Ribas – Sundays – Barcelona Pictures, no. 13, 1994-1997

Xavier Ribas – Sundays – Barcelona Pictures, no. 13, 1994-1997

“Approaches to Happiness” is a series of contemporary art exhibitions, as well as an on-going research project exploring artistic, creative and investigative strategies that help to generate, archive and spread knowledge about subjective well-being. It aims to inspire people to question their concepts of happiness, and thus to maybe enjoy a happier and more conscious way of life.

Some of the questions they address are: Which role do or could contemporary art play within the transformational processes in Eastern European countries like Bulgaria? Could it have an impact on the quality of life and the shaping of a “happier” society? What about happiness-focused “contemporary art as therapy”, or “therapy as art”? Or if “in 45 years of communism in Bulgaria they told people to be really serious”to speak with Steve Keil’s words of his TED Talk, how could a society put his claim that “play is the catalyst, the revolution, that we can use to transform Bulgaria for the better” into a vivid practice of contemporary arts and life—yet without risking to turn happiness into a permanent must?

Marina Markovic – Consumer Whore

Marina Markovic – Consumer Whore

The organizers are currently searching for journalists, writers, art critics, web designers, artists, psychologists, (art) pedagogics and other experts or creatives interested in contributing to:

  • the booklet of “Approaches to Happiness” (Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia, November 2014)
  • and/or to the development of a digital archive of contemporary arts about happiness

They offer:

  • honorariums
  • allowances
  • support for grant applications (depending on your tasks, research aims, competencies, costs, etc.)
  • the print of your personal or institutional profile in the booklet

For details please contact:

Evelyna Kokoranova (Curator and Project Manager “Approaches to Happiness”)


 1st photo: 1 – Horst Wackerbarth – Nina Sharova – from the video installation Happiness, 2013, and the Red Couch Project – A Gallery of Mankind 2nd photo: Xavier Ribas – Sundays – Barcelona Pictures, no. 13, 1994-1997 3rd photo: Marina Markovic – Consumer Whore Note: Before republishing, get in touch with “Approaches to Happiness”, and check individual media licensing terms. 


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