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“Would you mind my drone taking a picture of us? “

Another Internet phenomenon is born: the “Dronie”. People are taking short videos of themselves with drones. Is this new media practice already the evolution of the “Selfie”? And how does it relate to the “Otherie”: the controversial use of drones for military or surveillance purposes? A short sketch of the Dronie’s aesthetics and politics.

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No time, no money: why do people work for free?

Are you working for a company or organisation without getting paid? Then you are one of the many with an honorary job.

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Archives Under Arrest

The events of 1948, with the establishment of the State of Israel and the Nakba – as Palestinians call it -, not only marked the destruction of hundreds of populated villages and the mass displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, it also resulted in a still-ongoing process of stripping Palestinians of their cultural and historical heritage. On the politics of information in Israel-Palestine.

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No country for journalists

They have already spent 115 days in jail. Yesterday the trial has been adjourned again – for the sixth time. Three Al Jazeera journalists are accused of spreading false news and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood formally declared as a terrorist group. In this analysis Sammy Khamis explores how Egypt has become a hugely unpleasant place for journalists to work in and what special role the Qatari news agency Al Jazeera plays in this context.

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Are you feeling well today?

The rise of wellness has been driven by health spa’s need to make money and people’s scepticism towards conventional medicine. A thought on wellness beyond beauty.

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The Copenhagen Killing

In Denmark 25,000 small pigs die everyday, but it was the killing of a young male giraffe named Marius that caught the international attention. The killing also reveals the fine line between science and emotions, nature and culture and, yet again, the potential of the internet to quickly turn local events into global discussions.

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