Ethnogr@phers: multi-sited and virtual-spaced? Tweet With Us! #hypermobile

The Transformations Network organizes a panel at the “Networked Urban Mobilities” Conference in Copenhagen from 5-7th November. If you are doing ethnography in hypermobile fields and want to discuss methodological challenges with us: #hypermobile is our hashtag. We will live tweet from the conference!

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Ethnogr@phers ought to be multi-sited and virtual-spaced at the same time. But how can we do this? From 5-7th November, we will discuss this issue in our panel at the “Networked Urban Mobilities” Conference in Copenhagen focusing on a range of online-offline challenges imposed upon current anthropological methodology (here is our original call).

If you are doing ethnogr@phy in hyper_mobile fields and want to address and discuss methodological challenges with us, remember our hashtag #hypermobile and follow us on Twitter @TheFieldnote. Our panel consists of three sessions (click on the hashtag to read the abstract of the presenter).

We will live tweet from the conference!

Session 1. Wednesday 5th, 35pm (UTC+01:00): Monica Büscher chairs “Challenges of digital ethnography”.

Session 2. Thursday 6th, 2–4pm (UTC+01:00): Michael Liegl chairs “Doing ethnography in virtual fields”.

Session 3. Friday 7th,  9.30–11.30am (UTC+01:00): Marion Hamm chairs “(Building) resilience through virtual media”.

Remember the hashtags, and join the discussions. Of course, you can also send us your questions now!

Daniel Kunzelmann – Emma Hill – Seraina Müller (Panel Organisers, Transformations Network)

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