“movements”: New multi-lingual and open access journal on migration and borders.

Out now a first issue on the European border regime. Critical and good read!

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This new online journal is based on the collaborative work of the German-speaking “Network for Critical Migration and Border Regime Research” (kritnet.org). It is multi-lingual and open access fostering interdisciplinary migration and border studies.

Now, movements launched their first issue: http://movements-journal.org.


The editors seek to critically address today’s attempts to control and govern cross-border movements while at the same time reflecting on this very knowledge production on migration:

“The journal movements aims to strengthen critical social research that attempts to develop both an adequate understanding of the complex, heterogeneous and powerful realities of migration and a critique of the current forms of governing it”.

Although the first issue, a special issue on the European border regime, mainly consists of papers in German, movements is looking forward to receive and publish more papers in English in the time to come. Interested? Just write them: info@movements-journal.org.

If you want to keep in touch with the journal, receive Call for Papers etc., please register at http://movements-journal.org/redaktion/newsletter.html.

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