Why write for us?

How challenging was it to write that thesis up?  We might sit for weeks and weeks, structuring the text, puzzling over the right choice of sentence, wondering whether we need to change it all again.  But how exciting was it, finishing that damn thing? When we graduated as Bachelor, Masters or Doctors, we were happy and relieved – and our parents and friends were proud.
But then… how frustrating was it, realising no one had read it – most likely not even within the department itself. Perhaps our parents have read it, but maybe they did not fully understand it?  Most frustratingly though, those people we were researching amongst – the people to whom our research is most pertinent – will never see it.
We want to change this cycle of invisibility. Anthropologists do have a lot to offer. We have the expertise to engage in public discourse. Anthropology matters. Tell your stories, write for us.