"Die Maske - Zeitschrift für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie" was an anthropological journal published in five volumes by students and alumni in Vienna, Austria (2007-2010). Aiming to share knowledge generated in academia, DIE MASKE encouraged reflection and rethinking of culture and society. Over the years 26 people formed a part of the editorial team. We worked with 143 authors to provide over 170 articles and interviews. Currently we are working on a relaunch of our online presence: www.diemaske.at. Contact: diemaske@yourmedia.at

Posts by diemaske:

    No culture without power

    “Practices like female genital mutilation tend to occur in situations where women have been the ones with less power and men have had more power. You may say, well, female genital mutilation is part of their culture – which suggests that they have agreed on this. I have my doubts. Because I frequently think that culture is involved in a power equation. If you change the power equation, are you really going to find all the people – men, women, young, old – still wanting to stick to these customs?”

    Ulf Hannerz about anthropology, politics, and culture.

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