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How much of the experience and results of our anthropological research reaches the public? Far too little in our eyes. We want to change the cycle of invisibility. Anthropologists do have a lot to offer. We have the expertise to engage in public discourse. Anthropology matters. Tell your stories, write for us.

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Transformations is an open medium through which dedicated and critical anthropologists put their thoughts, experiences and research insights up for discussion using a full range of digital opportunities including text, images, audio and video.

We connect our research with themes of broad public relevance, while also making the personal and often emotional act of research in social and cultural anthropology accessible to a wider audience. We aim for a creative, rich and accessible style of writing that is easy to understand, so that we can put people and their life stories into the spotlight.

Writing for Transformations is more than just another blog-post. By joining our project as a contributor, you are also joining a community of researchers, who participate publicly and make a serious impact.
A new post is published every month and we invite you to share your thoughts, your analysis, and your impressions of the field with us.

Send us your article with a picture for one of our genres:

The Fieldnote: A comparably short (about 2000 to 3000 characters) but relevant research experience, scene, situation, story, or anecdote that stands out as an example for a bigger issue.

The Voice: Whether it is a text-based interview, an audio-piece, or a video-cast, The Voice should aim to represent someone you meet while doing research in the most direct and non-mediated form, largely speaking for itself.

The Picture: Research findings or research experiences explained through a photograph and an accompanying short piece of text.

The Analysis: Research and experiences are used to explain or criticize an issue or a topic that has a broader relevance. In The Analysis the focus is on your interpretation.

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