Are you feeling well today?

The rise of wellness has been driven by health spa’s need to make money and people’s scepticism towards conventional medicine. A thought on wellness beyond beauty.

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Humans of the Future

A fieldnote from Munich, Germany (October 2013)

…one day humankind will be living in huge, well planned, structured and organised cities, where everyone will have his or her needs fulfilled in this life of 24/7-availability…

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No culture without power

“Practices like female genital mutilation tend to occur in situations where women have been the ones with less power and men have had more power. You may say, well, female genital mutilation is part of their culture – which suggests that they have agreed on this. I have my doubts. Because I frequently think that culture is involved in a power equation. If you change the power equation, are you really going to find all the people – men, women, young, old – still wanting to stick to these customs?”

Ulf Hannerz about anthropology, politics, and culture.

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